The seventh release on Cure Music comes from Girada Unlimited, featuring two reworks of previously released and very rare tracks. 

“Zapatac,” the A1, has proven especially popular with Ricardo Villalobos, becoming one of the staples in his recent sets and included in his recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. It is a rework of Velodrome’s “Capitaz,” released in 1988 as part of the На Велодроме 141 EP via Animalized. 

“It took us eight months to get hold of the Velodome guys, namely Krishna Goineau and Jordi Guber,” Momo Trosman, label head of Cure recalls. “First we tried contact a label owner that had a connection with Jordi but didn’t want to provide us the contact. After that, we did some research and wrote to all the labels that had released something from Liaisons Dangereuses trying to contact Krishna. It was a nightmare, no one answered us and we sent over 15 emails.” Then, after a few months, Trosman received a cellphone number as a reply of one of the emails and touched based with Krishna who said: “I love the idea of doing this together and why not to release more old unreleased stuff in the future.” After two weeks, Trosman then made contact with Jordi who said that they used to “hate hi-hats” and that “if someone had told him 20 years ago that there would be a Velodrome edit with hi-hats that he would never have believed it.” But now he “loves it,” we’re told. 

The identity of Girada Unlimited remains unconfirmed, but it is an alias previously used by Julian Perez and the name of his label. We’re told that this is just one example of many older tunes he or she has edited into some a little more playable. 

All these tracks were played in my hometown of Valencia in the late ’80s, beginning of ’90s. I was very young at that time when I was listening to those casettes recorded in clubs such as Barraca, Chocolate, Spook Factory, ACTV, etc. My older friends were always bringing from the nights and we were copying the tapes all the time. I haven’t got those tapes these days but sometimes I look for sets online from the famous La ruta del bakalao. That was without a doubt one of the biggest movements in Spain at their time. The first parties from Friday to Monday non-stop going from one club to another with the best drugs ever, shame I was late for all that. Listening to those sets now, I’m still recognizing some tunes which bring me memories and sometimes are even playable these days with a little editing, that’s also inspiring for me and I love to do it.” —Girada Unlimited

Details of “Reserval,” the second track, remain unknown barring that it’s another edit or a rare old record. 


A. Zapatac

B. Reserval

Where’s Daff? will land next month, with a snippet of “Zapatac” available below.