beat.imprint—a duo made up of members Skye Ashbrook and John Gomi—will release their new album, Permanent Winter, on October 17 via their own Beat Imprint label.

Permanent Winter will be the label’s fifth release and most unique in that it will be released alongside a four-channel Eurorack sample module. The tiny module is a full-featured, open-source piece of gear that will have multiple options for DIY circuit bending—the module will also be available fully set up and ready to use. The ready-to-use version will also feature sample packs from artist such as Apendics Shuffle, City Of Hungry Ghost, and, of course, beat.imprint.

Musically, Permanent Winter is as unique and expansive as the module it’s released with. With inspired, mangled sampling, dissonant synth lines, and processed instrumentation, beat.imprint have crafted an album that is at once beautiful and unsettling; a continued exploration of the nature of sound and art.

Ahead of the official release, you can find out more about the album and Eurorack module here, with the LP streaming in full via the player below.