Credit: Theo Guillemot

Project Pablo is up next on Ghostly’s Spectral Sound label next month.

Inside Unsolved specifically looks to Canada’s dance music past for inspiration. The old records of labels such as Steel City and Map Music course through the lush synths of emotional roller “Pressure No Impact” and the light-footed swing of “Big Room Delusion.”

While standing on the dancefloor at MUTEK two years ago, Project Pablo, real name Patrick Holland, dreamt up “Pill” in all of its billowy, percussive charms. Lead track “The Solution” cooly kicks things off with the kinds of earworm synth-lines and effortless grooves now synonymous with the Project Pablo project.

Project Pablo’s previous work has come through 1080p, Magicwire, Technicolour, his own Verdicchio Music Publishing, and more.

Pressings are limited to just 300 worldwide.


01. The Solution
02. Pill
03. Pressure No Impact
04. Big Room Delusion

Inside Unsolved is out November 1 via Spectral Sound, with “The Solution” streaming below, and pre-order here.