Rolando Alvarez and Eddie Vela, the promoters behind Los Angeles events Dialogue and Midnight Lovers, have opened Chapter One Records, a shop in downtown LA focusing on new, used, and rare vinyl.

Looking to revitalize Los Angeles’ nightlife community in the wake of the lockdowns, Chapter One will, according to its founders, “act as a public-facing bridge to an otherwise covert world.” The focus is on rare vinyl curated by favorites of the Los Angeles dance music scene, including SONN’s of Making Shapes, TK Disco, Dublab’s Daddy Differently, Club Tularosa, and, of course, Dialogue and Midnight Lovers.

Vela and Alvarez have also signed on a handful of resident labels such as Stones Throw, Visionquest, and Let’s Play House, whose records will be sold here. The space also serves as a creative hub through a range of in-store gatherings, release listening parties, and more.

The launch of Chapter One follows the announcement of the first release on Vela and Alvarez’ vinyl-only imprint, Dialogue Records. The Solace in Repetition EP by Ada Kaleh, which features remixes by Dialogue favorites SIT (Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia) and Shaun Reeves, currently sits at number one on the pre-order charts on Decks.

You can browse Chapter One’s collection here, where you can also book an appointment. Meanwhile, check out photos of the space below.