Nuno Beats, a member of the RS Produções crew, will release a new album on Príncipe.

Sai Do Coração is a “very brave, romantic improbability,” we’re told, which averts from “DJ bravado and dancefloor top speed.” We’re told to expect a collection of “richly percussive, slow tempo” cuts, but overall the album is “simple, direct, and yet sophisticated.”

RS Produções is made up of DJ-producer Nuno Beats, DJs Nulo and Lima, plus producer Farucox and MC Pimenta. The founder, DJNarciso, who released an XLR8R podcast, himself DJs and produces, but he releases rarely. The group is based in Rinchoa, a short drive from Lisbon, and it’s known for tight, across the board grooves, working melody and metal beats with equal proficiency.


01. Sai do Coração
02. With Wine
03. Me Cuna
04. Confusão no Ghetto
05. 7 Apaixonados
06. Muito Sono
07. N_Dengue
08. Na Morau

Sai do Cora​ç​ã​o LP is scheduled for June 21 release. Meanwhile, you can stream the title-track in full below and pre-order here.

Photo: Marta Pina.