Ryan Porter will release a new live album, Live in Paris at New Morning.

Recorded at Paris’ historic jazz club New Morning on the evening of October 17, 2019, the album sees the Los Angeles trombonist exploring works from his last two full-length albums, The Optimist and Force For Good.

Porter opens the set with a homage to personal mentor Roy Hargrove, covering the jazz giant’s “Strasbourg / St. Denis.”

“The day before (October 16, 2019) was the late great Roy Hargrove’s birthday (R.I.P) and I was honored to be playing at New Morning because it was one of Roy’s favorite jazz clubs to play at in Paris,” Porter tells XLR8R. “I had never actually been to New Morning before in my life and it felt great seeing people lined up and wrapped around the corner in the cold to see us perform.”

The energy cascades with great depth across the 81-minute live album, providing ample space for extended solos from every player on the stage.

Joining Porter were Kamasi Washington (tenor saxophone), Jumaane Smith (trumpet), Brandon Coleman (piano; keyboards), Miles Mosley (upright; electric bass), and Tony Austin (drums). This was Porter’s first voyage into Europe with his own band.

Live in Paris at New Morning follows Porter’s three studio albums with Alpha Pup Records‘ jazz imprint World Galaxy, the last coming in 2019.


01. Strasbourg / St. Denis (Roy Hargrove)
02. Madiba (Ryan Porter)
03. Mesosphere (Ryan Porter)
04. The Psalmnist (Ryan Porter)
05. Oscalypso (Ryan Porter)
06. Anaya (Ryan Porter)
07. Carriacou (Ryan Porter)

Live in Paris at New Morning LP is out digitally on June 12. Meanwhile, you can stream a live video of the performance, and pre-order here.