Sam Wilkes, Craig Weinrib, and Dylan Day will release a “dulcet and exploratory” new self-titled album on Leaving Records.

Sam Wilkes, Dylan Day, Craig Weinrib was recorded on location outdoors among the San Bernardino mountains in Southern California.

Most of the album was made during a single early evening; Dylan Day played electric guitar, Sam Wilkes played bass guitar, and Craig Weinrib played trap drums.

Eight months after that dusk recording session, the trio reconvened to capture a few more pieces. Wilkes wanted to hear Dylan play a Jobim melody (“How Insensitive”), Dylan wanted to hear Craig play a funeral march (“When I Can Read My Titles Clear”), and Craig wanted to play nice and gentle.

Leaving Records is an artist-and-community-centered entity, most recognizable as a prolific Los Angeles-based record label. Check out the podcast of co-founder Matthew David McQueen, better known as Matthewdavid, here.

Sam Wilkes is from Westport, Connecticut and lives in Los Angeles, California. Craig Weinrib is from New York and lives in New York. Dylan Day is from Fletcher, Vermont and lives in Los Angeles too.


01. Standing in the Doorway
02. Too Young to Go Steady
03. How Insensitive
04. Rain
05. Snow
06. When I Can Read My Titles Clear
07. I’ll Find a Way (To Carry it All)

Sam Wilkes, Dylan Day, Craig Weinrib LP is scheduled for July 12 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “When I Can Read My Titles Clear” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

Photo: Roman Koval