Samuel Rohrer, Max Loderbauer, Stian Westerhus, and Tobias Freund will release a new album called Kave.

Across the album, Rohrer, a Swiss multi-instrumentalist, acts as a creative director while the other members share synthesizer duties. Rohrer and Loderbauer draw on their experiences with Ambiq, and Westerhus also contributes guitar and vocals. It seems them drawing on the quick-thinking mechanics of free group improvisation and compositional strategies of contemplative electronic music.

The result is something that Rohrer describes as as “forest-like,” which means the music is confident in the “deep-rootedness” of its foundations and defined by a density and mystery easily confused with darkness.

The album comes out on Rohrer’s own arjunamusic label, where he released his solo album Continual Decentering last year.


Side A:

01. Cambium
02. Hibernation I
03. Donation North
04. Toxic Boy
05. Divided We Fall

Side B:

01. A Walk in the Woods
02. Giant Peach
03. Hibernation II
04. Hermit

Kave LP is out on May 29 on vinyl and digitally. Meanwhile, you can stream “Hibernation II” below and pre-order the album here.