Semantica will release two new EPs this week.

Svreca‘s Madrid-based imprint has been celebrating a decade in business with a ten-part EP series throughout 2016; this week, the label will issue the fourth instalment, 10.IV, featuring tracks from Wata Igarashi, Peter van Hoesen, Etapp Kyle, and Marco Shuttle.

This week will also see the arrival of a new double pack from Swedish producer AcronymEntangled in Vines. Part of Abdulla Rashim‘s Northern Electronics crew, the techno specialist first put out music on Semantica back in 2014 with his Yggdrasil EP, and has since also partaken in the 10 year anniversary release series.

10.IV and Entangled in Vines are both set to drop September 2. Stream snippets from both below.


A1. Peter Van Hoesen “Expected Utility”
A2. Wata Igarashi “Void”
B1. Etapp Kyle “Autem”
B2. Marco Shuttle “Solar Storm”

Entagled In Vines
A1. Enter
A2. Getting Closer
B1. Escape
B2. Wrapped
C1. Rays
C2. The Sending
D1. They Spoke To Me
D2. Surrounded