Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa will release a new album as Lost Souls of Saturn.

On Reality, we’re told the pair go “even further into the vortex” than on their first album, metamorphosing into sci-fi comic characters John and Frank who’ve explored the galaxy and returned.

Although Reality still possesses the “wigged-out conceptual brilliance” of their debut album, there’s “vividness amidst the mind-bending,” we’re told.

Where its predecessor was a murky exploration of weird and dark cerebral passageways, this album has a “dazzling clarity of sound,” we’re told, as if listeners are “beginning to crack the arcane codes, and reach for enlightenment.”

“It’s not commercializing, but maybe just reaching out a little more,” says Moffa. “We’ve done this as art, we’ve got to this point where really far-out people and museum creators and a few other people get it, but now we want to show everyone.”

A prime example of this is the chugging cosmic techno synth pop of “Mirage,” featuring the voice of Adam Ohr, which is the album’s first single and comes with remixes from Perel and Matthew Dear.

Elsewhere, passages of techno, dub, house, jazz, psych, and ambient are vapourised into “an expansive yet pleasingly concise series of morphing dream states.”

Fans of Air Liquide, Ravi Shankar, Carl Craig, Pole, and should enjoy.

Reality will be accompanied by an augmented reality graphic novel, which tells the origin story of John and Frank, created in collaboration with graphic novel artist Rob Shields.

For more information on Lost Souls of Saturn, check out their XLR8R Influences podcast here.


01. Zorg Arrival
02. Scram City
03. Realization
04. This Foo
05. Click feat. Lvv Gvn
06. Metro Cafe
07. Mirage feat. Adam Ohr
08. Lilac Chaser feat. Protomartyr

Reality LP is scheduled for February 2 release on Holoverse Research Labs and Slacker 85 Records. Meanwhile, you can stream “Mirage” in full below and pre-order here.