Photo | Marie Staggat

Dekmantel will release the debut EP from Neon Chambers, a new collaboration from Sigha and Kangding Ray, aimed at extending the duo’s “analogous ambitions,” and creating “bigger, and more daring live and audiovisual performances.”

One‚Äč is a whirlwind of crushing modern sonics, that is equal parts jagged rave, progressive dub-fuelled two-step, and nighttime-ethereal IDM.

“Apollo” is a working of melodic synthesis, with delicate, rolling breaks, while “Cascade” moves into a more grandiose territory, befit with trance-like synthesis. “What It Takes” brings on board a more UK, post-dubstep sound. “Your Touch” toys once more with atmospheric rolling breaks and solemn vocal samples, while “Helles,” the closing track, is an excursion into more compelling, auditory realms.

Sigha (a.k.a James Shaw) comes from a steadfast background in abstract techno, with previous works on Token Blueprint, Avian, and his own Our Circular Sound imprint. Kangding Ray (a.k.a David Letellier) has made a career for himself with experimental sonic adventures that have taken him across labels such as Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts. In 2019, he also started his own imprint, ara, for more bespoke, avant-garde releases.

The five-track EP is Dekmantel’s 73rd release.


A1. Apollo
A2. Cascade
B1. What It Takes
B2. Your Touch
B3. Helles

One EP lands November 15 on digital with vinyl coming on November 18. Meanwhile, you can hear clips below and pre-order here.