Simone Gatto will kick off 2020 with his third full length album, Harmonic Resonance System 432 Hz, out February 14 on his own Pregnant Void and also through the Italian National Association of Art Therapy’s website.

The record marks the first time the Italian artist has leant totally on his music therapist activities, focussing on self harmonization and wellness through electro-acoustic music. It follows his Heaven Inside Your Frequencies Pt. 1 album and book, which formed a foundation of his music therapy work, and builds upon this work with “its perfectly mindful sounds made to support your body’s innate ability to self-heal.”

The multi-layered compositions are intended to enhance yoga, meditation, energy work practices, and relaxation. “It is music that should be played daily in order to relax, calm and stabilise yourself, and train the brain and nervous system to zero-stress levels,” the label explains. As well as solo sessions, the music can be used in listening groups or with a licensed therapist to overcome anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

The album employs sound frequency patterns that have been “clinically shown” to cause positive changes in consciousness, brainwave, and body function in different groups of patients as observable on brainwave mapping equipment such as EEGs. More information can be found here.


01. The Art Of Listening ft Flora Paär
02. Balancing Your Emotions ft Tea Baldini Anastasio
03. 528 HZ Solfeggio—Theta Brainwaves Entrainment
04. The Golden Ratio: Genetic Music
05. Four Seasons: Inner Transformation
06. Delta State: Access To Unconscious Mind
07. Wakefulness w/ Isochronic Tones
08. Default Mode Network
09. Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu Mantra ft Merialma Colucci
10. Chakra Tune Up

Harmonic Resonance System 432 Hz is out on February 14 via Pregnant Void. Meanwhile you can stream “Genetic Music” below and pre-order the alum here.