Solar One Music has another EP on the way.

Following on from an acid-heavy first chapter (with contributions from Helena Hauff and The Exaltics amongst others), Signs of Decay 2 is set to drop later this year. The five-track EP features label debuts from Dutch electro specialist Legowelt, Brit Chris Moss Acid and Frenchman The Hacker, while both Impakt and Crotaphytus make their returns. Artwork comes from the Hague’s Godspill.

Signs of Decay 2 will be released December 15. Pre-order it at Bandcamp and stream snippets below.


01. Impakt “Sodomacid”
02. The Hacker “1111”
03. Crotaphytus “Titanus Saurus Rex”
04. Legowelt “Droomtoestand”
05. Chris Moss Acid “Cenobite”