Dark Entries will release Family of Waves, a new EP from Steffi as Crushed Soul.

Steffi, real name Steffie Doms, has only released as Crushed Soul once before, in 2013 as part of an Ostgut Ton compilation. The Family of Waves EP represents both familiar and novel pastures for her. While her love of electro and classic Detroit techno have been oft-evident, here we witness the darker shades of new wave and industrial creep to the forefront.

“This turn for the twisted feels not just natural, but predestined, an inevitable succumbing to morbid forces,” the San Francisco label explains.

This is Steffi’s first full release on Dark Entries. In 2016, she provided a remix for Cute Heels’ 2016 EP on the label. She describes it as a “playful association…a mix of my past and new modern waves.”

All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The sleeve and accompanying postcard were designed by Eloise Leigh using video art stills by Goldenliustra.

To learn more about Steffi, check out her XLR8R podcast here.


01. Gravitational Field
02. Scalar Property
03. Family Of Waves
04. Diffusion Of Heat

Family Of Waves EP is out on August 28 on Dark Entries. Meanwhile, you can stream “Gravitational Field” below and pre-order here.