After having established their rule over the 12-inch format and turning your run-of-the-mill dance EP into a miniature opera in its own right, Blond:ish were bound to come up with a debut full-length at some point—but even so, Welcome to the Present drops as a major surprise.

Flexing the psychedelic and spiritual influences that already informed their Lovers in Limbo, Inward Visions and Wunderkammer EPs, this new material presents itself not so much as the collection of DJ-ready peak-time bangers that some would’ve expected, but as what we admiringly would call a total trip. It sees the duo embark on a universal journey, departing from the club comfort zone and exploring the deeper shades of world electronica from within. Here, each track is part of a bigger story, accomplishing its role in a vibrant mix of electronic moods, field recordings, traditional instruments and polyglot vocals.

To mark the its release today, Welcome to the Present can be streamed in full below.