Lucy‘s Stroboscopic Artefacts imprint has announced the next instalments in its summer digital-only series entitled Monad.

The Monad series launched back in 2010, and has returned each summer since, with music from the likes of Kangding Ray, EomacPerc. This year, the label will add to that list new EPs from Yotam Avni, Charlotte Isabelle and Oake.

First up is Yotam Avni, who takes care of Monad XXII, due out on July 1. Avni is a Tel-Aviv based techno producer, who has previously released on Ovum. He knocks up a four-tracker that explores high energy techno and eastern-inspired vocals. Following on from said release, French duo Charlotte Isabelle promise an avant-garde electronic EP (due out July 29). Finally, Berlin-based pair Oake (known for their contribution to RegisDownwards label) will wrap up the series for this summer with Monad XXIV, due out August 9.

The Monad series will be released digitally over the course of summer. Stream snippets from Yotam Avni’s Monad XXII below.


Yotam AvniMonad XXII

01. Tinofet
02. Rusha
03. Marva Version
04. Marva

Charlotte IsabelleMonad XXIII

01. Ababa
02. Geridoo
03. Desba
04. Antakarana

OakeMonad XXIV

01. L’Esclandre
02. Jardin d’évasion
03. Hélicorde
04. Paysage dépaysé