XLR8R is offering subscribers to XLR8R+ free passes to selected parties at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, running October 17 to 21 in Amsterdam. As a token of appreciation, current subscribers and those who sign up before the event will have access to a free guestlist pass. 

Due to limited availability, passes will be offered on a strictly first-come, first served basis. Subscribers are eligible for one pass only. 

You can find more information on XLR8Rplus, the offer, and the events below. The fourth and current edition of XLR8Rplus is here, with subscription details here.

XLR8Rplus is a monthly subscription service that allows XLR8R to continue to support independent music and journalism. Every month, we release a package for our subscribers, which includes three exclusive tracks from three different artists, a dedicated artwork and PDF zine, ad-free browsing of XLR8R.com, and other goodies along the way (sample packs, discounts, content etc.). So far, we have released four editions, featuring tracks from Roman Flügel, Wata Igarashi, SIT (Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia), Vril, Huxley Anne, Fred P, Homemade Weapons, Einzelkind, and u-Ziq, plus a sample pack from Daedelus. XLR8Rplus is free for the first 30 days and $5 a month thereafter. Each package, including the tracks, is only available for one month and only from XLR8Rplus—you won’t the tracks on Beatport, Spotify, or any other platform, and only subscribers of that month will get them. At the time of writing, edition four has a little over a week left before it’s gone, and along with it exclusive tracks by Hunter/Game, Cosmin TRG, and John Dimas. Don’t sleep on this offer.

SUBSCRIBE HERE and email your full name, subscription confirmation page, and the event you want to attend to xlr8r.plus@xlr8r.com to claim your event pass.

Due to limited availability, passes will be offered on a strictly first-come, first served basis. You will be notified.

The events for which passes are available are as follows: 

THE TRIBE Invites Yoyaku (Day Time)

Sunday, October 21; 07:00 – 20:00 at Radion.

Maayan Nidam


Lamache B2B Lowris

Christoffer Zaza

Doris Nicholas

THE TRIBE Invites Yoyaku (Night Time)

Saturday, October 20; 22.00 – 06.00  at Bret

Varhat B2B Janeret

Oshana (live)

Roger Gerressen

Children of Valis

PIV ADE with Archie Hamilton, Paolo Rocco, Alix Alvarez

Friday, October 19 at Bret. 

Archie Hamilton

Alix Alvarez

Paolo Rocco


Chris Stussy

Jesse Maas


PIV ADE with Kenny Dope, Boo Williams, Djebali & More

Saturday, October 20 at Chicago Social Club

Kenny Dope

Boo Williams



Chris Stussy


Bas Roos

Alex Arnout

Clara Da Costa


Kreutziger Kollektiv

Shelter; VBX with Praslea (Raresh & Praslea), Fumiya Tanaka, Francesco del Garda

Saturday, October 20 at Shelter

Praslea (Raresh & Praslea) 

Fumiya Tanaka

Francesco del Garda



Slapfunk Records ADE Special with Daniel Bell, Ryan Elliot, Leo Pol (live)

Thursday, October 18 at Claire

Daniel Bell

Ryan Elliot

Leo Pol (live)


Pascal Benjamin

[The list is now closed for VBX x FRRC]

VBX x FRRC ADE with Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Zip

Friday, October 19 at Warehouse Elementenstraat

Ricardo Villalobos

Seth Troxler


Sonja Moonear

Steve Rachmad

Nicolas Lutz

Spokenn (Ferro & Reiss) 

VBX x tINI and the gang ADE with Tini & Molly, Makcim, Pelle & Roon

Thursday, October 18 at Bret. 

tINI & Molly


Pelle & Roon