Traumer has unveiled a new album, Assembling Pieces, featuring Cristi Cons, Steve O’Sullivan, and Priku.

The 11-track album comes via Berg Audio, a dub techno-oriented label inspired by the Soviet era.

Traumer, real name Romain Reynaud—based in Paris, France—released on Berg in 2017 with A Different Path, and has previously put out material on Skryptöm, Rekids, and his own Gettraum. His debut album, Takt, surfaced in 2014, exploring more downtempo aesthetics. A Different Path is “the first album in his new direction,” we’re told, meaning it explores the minimal dubby house that he’s playing out nowadays.

There’s little else disclosed about the album, other than that it includes “Baud” and “Strap,” staples of Traumer’s recent sets. It’s also on vinyl only and comes with artwork from Juli Jah.

Read more about Traumer here in his XLR8R 20 Questions feature.


A1. Traumer “Baud”
A2. Traumer “Assembling Pieces”
B1. Steve O’Sullivan & Traumer “Senses”
B2. Traumer “Listen”
C1. Traumer “Strap”
C2. Traumer “Square Up”
D1. Priku & Traumer “Operation”
D2. Traumer “Tydar”
E1. Cristi Cons & Traumer “Reverso”
E2. Traumer “Sea Of Clouds”
F1. Traumer “Boarding”

Assembling Pieces LP is out February 20, with pre-sale here. You can view an album teaser below.