Umfang will launch her new label, Thanks For Enlightening Me, with her fourth album, Riven.

Riven is Umfang’s first album since 2017’s Symbolic Use Of Light on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour. The Discwoman artist, real name Emma Burgess-Olson, hasn’t released any new material since then.

There’s no information disclosed on the album other than a figurative take from the poet Mayra Rodríguez Castro.

Riven sounds like the speed of regenerating, desperately and orderly. A beautiful quality of air traveling inside an enclosed space, inner echoes and droplets.

“I feel water, the tightness and looseness of organic architectures. Intensities of light; at some point light glimmers over water, at others there are rays seeping into-and-out undergrounds, sometimes more somber and breathless.

“I see dawns throughout the album, resonating with a twilight of the gods, with patterns of night to day. Any rupture can be sealed again. Floating pieces attract. Who is left to speak when things split apart, and a world grows anew?


01. Flare
02. Glass Escalator
03. Body Beat
04. Riven
05. Rubber
06. Baby Blue
07. Regenerate
08. Floating Pieces Attract

Riven LP is out on March 10 on Thanks For Enlightening Me on vinyl and digitally. There are no streams and no pre-order available at this time.