Veteran Japanese producer Shigeru Ishihara will release an album on Nyege Nyege TapesHakuna Kulala imprint as Scotch Rolex.

Ishihara, better known as DJ Scotch Egg, has been assembling genre-busting ear bleeders for almost two decades. Scotch Rolex, his new project, is named after a popular Ugandan street food.

The record was assembled after Ishihara was invited to Kampala, Uganda for a residency at the Nyege Nyege villa in 2019. Exposed to Hakuna Kulala’s family of artists, the producer began experimenting, twisting trap and dancehall rhythms with the ragged energy of grindcore. The record includes collaborations with Duma’s Lord Spikeheart, MC Yallah, Swordman Kitala, and Chrisman.

Last year, DJ Scotch Egg collaborated on an eight-track EP with Gooooose featuring Hakuna Kulala co-founder Slikback. He’s previously worked with King Midas Sound’s Kiki Hitomi as WaqWaq Kingdom, Warp’s electro-shoegaze pioneers Seefeel, and Mike Paradinas.

Hakuna Kulala, launched in 2018, has put out work from MC Yallah, WULFFLUW94, and Slikback himself.


01. Omuzira feat. MC Yallah
02. Success feat. Lord Spikeheart
03. Cheza feat. Chrisman
04. Nfulula Biswa feat. Swordman Kitala
05. Afro Samurai feat. Don Zilla
06. Tewari
07. Juice feat. MC Yallah
08. U.T.B. 88
09. Sniper feat. Lord Spikeheart
10. Wa kalebule
11. Lapis Lazuli feat. Lord Spikeheart

TEWARI LP is scheduled for April 30 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Success” feat. Lord Spikeheart below and pre-order the album here.