Visionist has a new album on the way, Value.

Visionist is the London-based experimental composer and producer Louis Carnell. With his first official releases in 2011 via labels 92 Points and Left Blank, he went on to make appearances on compilations such as Big Dada’s Grime 2.0 and Keysound Recordings‘ Allstars series. 2013 saw a trio of releases— Snakes on Leisure System, M / Secrets for Ramp Recordings — and breakthrough EP – I’m Fine for Lit City Trax, which began to define and inform the sound of Visionist releases to follow.

Picking up where I’m Fine left off, in 2015 he released his debut album Safe via PAN records— described as “a personal portrait of anxiety” it dealt head on with issues of mental health — at a time when the music industry was only just beginning to open up to the discussion.

His label Lost Codes, which was founded in 2012, is responsible for releasing some of the first music from artists such has SD Laika and Dark0. He Later went on to form the label Codes with PAN, releasing new music from Sky H1, Kamixlo, Ling and Acre / Filter Dread.

Now Visionist returns with new album Value, released via Big Dada on October 20, it “explores complex interweaving ideas of artistic value and self-worth, while building on the distinct sound of previous releases,” the label explains. The project also features creative collaborations with influential Belgian artist Peter De Potter, on the album artwork and zine, Daniel Sannwald on the artist shots, and Frederik Heyman and Teri Varhol directing forthcoming visuals.


01. Self-
02. New Obsession
03. Homme
04. Value
05. Your Approval
06. No Idols
07. Made In Hope
08. High Life
09. Exi(s)t
10. Invanity

Value is scheduled for October 20 release via Big Dada, with “No Idols” streaming above.