Ableton are making content available from last year’s Loop summit for music makers in Berlin, the first of which comes from Holly Herndon, discussing process in production.

In her audio-visual talk for Ableton music makers, Holly Herndon focuses on the role of process in production. Based in San Francisco, Herndon is known for her work as a composer, musician and sound artist. The talk is guided by her experience in said work, as well as her experience studying at Mills College and Stanford University’s Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, referencing everything from government surveillance to her work with Mat Dryhurst.

Ableton have also shared a further video with Herndon, in conversation with fellow composer Jace Clayton (a.k.a. DJ/rupture). The pair cover topics including the idea of artistry as activism, the role of euphoria in electronic music, and autotune.

You can stream both videos below.