Already a long-revered figure in underground beats, Odd Nosdam has split his time between cosmic, slow-burning beats and reflective soundscapes littered with intriguing textures and mind-bending samples.

For Nosdam‘s latest album release, the Berkeley-based producer has landed on Matthewdavid‘s Leaving Records with a new vinyl and VHS release titled Sisters. The album was released today and is available on 12″ vinyl and as a limited-edition music video release on VHS. The vinyl version of the album includes nine tracks, while the VHS version includes a collection of eight original music videos from the album directed by Big Pauper. The VHS version is limited to only 50 copies and comes with a digital download of the album.

Nosdam recently gave some insight into the title track of the record:

“when the sun finally breaks through on an overcast day, Sisters was very much inspired by that wonderful moment… and the longing for it.”

You can pick up your copy of Sisters by visiting the Stones Throw website, and you can watch a brand new Boards of Canada remix of the title track by clicking on the video player above.