In Point Blank‘s latest video, course instructor Ben Medcalf gives a brief overview of Logic’s ChromaVerb, a new reverb released with Logic 10.4.

As many Logic users found upon its release, ChromaVerb stands up well against some of its far more expensive counterparts, relying on its strength in powerful simplicity. In the video, Ben describes the reverb’s two main interfaces, main and details. The main section contains the standard reverb models you might expect—halls and various rooms—as well as a few curveball presets. Ben also looks at the visualized damping EQ, the freeze button, which can be used to snapshot the sound to create a pad-like effect. The details section allows for more in-depth sound design, with a 6-band output EQ, modulation controls such as an LFO, and some great extra features such as width control and a Mono Maker for lower frequencies.

You can watch the video in full below, with more on Point Blank and its course here.