Alex Cowles (a.k.a Stillhead) has dissected and revealed the production processes and methods behind his recent single “Pounds Of Gold (feat. Zoe Ellying).” The single is taken from his forthcoming album, Iceberg, which is set for release on January 29 via Here And Now Recordings.

Not only has he given an insight into his production with the video, but he’s provided the original Ableton Live project file for you to download and check out for yourself.

You can preview and pre-order Stillhead’s Iceberg LP by going to his website here.

Download the Ableton Live project file below.

You can learn more about Cowles’ reasoning behind the creation of this video in the text below.

“I think there were a few things driving me to make this video and provide the project file. In a sense, there my personal desire to appear as transparent and genuine as possible, and so an opportunity to wear my production on my sleeve as it were, felt like a rewarding use of my time.”

“I want to help those interested in the track to learn about how it was put together, and perhaps in doing so, offer some inspiration for them to produce their own work.”