Following up with the second piece of a two part video series is Paris-based electro producer The Toxic Avenger.

Having just released his latest album,  (pronounced “X”), last week via the Parisian electro label Roy Music, Toxic is now sharing his most recent music video for “Kids,” the first single off the new album.

During the creative process of producing the album, Toxic returned to the sources of his deepest creative sensibilities to create an LP that is full of hauntingly pitched down electro bangers and buzzing techno arrangements. While this album was mostly composed between studios located in Los Angeles and Paris, Toxic still finds himself most comfortable as a producer in the shadows, influencing and gaining respect while constantly pushing his own limits in the studio.

☰ is available to purchase via Roy Music by heading here. If you want to find out more about The Toxic Avenger, visit him on SoundCloud. You can watch the brand new video for “Kids” by clicking on the YouTube player at the top of the page.