William Basinski has a new album on the way via Temporary Residence Ltd., titled Lamentations.

The album, set to drop on November 13, is a 12-track collection of songs Basinski crafted from archival tape loops dating back to 1979. Like much of his work, especially his lauded The Disintegration Loops, Lamentations is filled with a mournful beauty and “ominous grief,” the label explains, and that sense of loss “lingers like an emotional vapor.”

Lamentations continues a busy run for Basinski, following on the heels of recent collaborations with Richard Chartier (Something From The Pink House) and Preston Wendel (To Feel Embraced, as Sparkle Division). He’s also released a gothic 11-track album recorded at Arcadia Studios in New York City from 1989 to 1991 (HYMNS OF OBLIVION).

Basinski’s last album for Temporary Residence Ltd., his regular label home, was On Time Out Of Time, released in March 2019.

You can hear Lamentations‘ first single, “O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow,” below, along with the tracklisting. The album, which will be available on vinyl, CD, and digitally, can be pre-ordered over at Bandcamp.


01. For Whom The Bell Tolls
02. The Wheel of Fortune
03. Paradise Lost
04. Tear Vial
05. O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow
06. Passio
07. Punch and Judy
08. Silent Spring
09. Transfiguration
10. All These Too, I, I Love
11. Please, This Shit Has Got To Stop
12. Fin

Lamentations‘LP is scheduled for November 13 release.