XLR8R has launched a subscription paywall, adding to our member-supported community, XLR8R+.

Two years ago, XLR8R took a forward-thinking position and created an ad-free experience with the launch of XLR8R+

XLR8R is extremely grateful to have been supported by our growing membership community, which has allowed us to produce ad-free and uncompromised editorial (news, podcasts, and features), exclusive music, in-depth features, sample packs, wallpaper art, and more for only $5/month. We also built a submissions portal, allowing artists to submit their music and mixes directly to XLR8R to be featured across all of our channels. (You can read more about this here.)

We’re now creating a second subscription tier for just USD$1 per month, or $10 a year, that will give unlimited access to content across the site. This includes all new and archived material—more than 650 podcasts, features, reviews, and news. We solely depend on our members, rather than advertisers or corporations, for us to continue what we’ve done for 27 years: finding, curating, and serving the best electronic music out there, without paid influence. 

This extra tier will help us with our organic expansion. As we expand our subscriber base and monthly revenue, we can bring on more employees and journalists, both freelance and in-house, thereby directly supporting the community and industry that supports us.

Here’s what you get for $1/month or $10/year:

  • 4 x XLR8R podcasts each month, including an artist profile and interview on each featured artist, plus full tracklisting with labels, where applicable;
  • 1 x Music Submissions Selections feature, giving an inside look at emerging artists, both producers, and DJs, from the XLR8R+ community;
  • 1 x full-length in-depth feature—an Opinion piece, Artist Tips, Studio Essentials, Interview, In The Studio, Bubblin’ Up, etc.;
  • Unlimited news;
  • Access to the full XLR8R archives.

You can find more information and subscribe to one of the tiers here.

Thank you for your support. 

The XLR8R Team.