Yilan will release Suddenly I Am Falling, a new mini-album on Mexico’s Infinite Machine label.

Suddenly I Am Falling is Yilan’s second release on Infinite Machine, following his Regression EP with Amazondotcom and Superfície. The rising producer, from Leeds, northern England, has previously released on Jelly Bean Farm.

The title cut opens with polyrhythmic kicks, electric hats, and cataclysmic atmospheres that are “set to send the dancefloor into a frenzy,” we’re told. Up next is “Static Void,” a dancehall track with a sharp snare dancing around a syncopated pulse.

The release includes a collaboration with Ren, which sees the duo lurking in 90 bpm territory for an unstoppable groove with razor-sharp percussive brutality. “AFADS” features collaborator Ebb.

Closing the record is an ambient work called “‘Lost Signals,” which portrays softer timbres of birdsong and synthesised wind-chimes.

The release is mastered by Fausto Mercier, and the artwork comes from Benfika.

In October, Infinite Machine released DÆMON and Hyperdub’s affiliate ENDGAME’s DXE EP.


01. Suddenly I Am Falling
02. Static Void
03. Niffler (feat. Ren)
04. Underwater Construction
05. AFADS (feat. Ebb)
06. Lost Signals

Suddenly I Am Falling is scheduled for January 29 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Static Void” below.