XLR8R has opened up gifting of XLR8R+.

For those unfamiliar, XLR8R+ is a member-supported music community and curated music experience. Every month, XLR8R+ members will receive exclusive access to at least three previously unreleased tracks—most often more—by a wealth of amazing artists that XLR8R has supported over the years, as well as access to the member’s area, where you can submit tracks and DJ mixes to be showcased in a new feature series and to the XLR8R+ community. We are also implementing a forum for members to connect and collaborate on projects or to just share ideas, thoughts, and music.

Members also gain access to fast-tracked editorial content, podcasts and mixes, weekly track downloads, streaming playlists, and much more—most of which are only available to subscribers. You can find out more here.

Further to that, as a holiday gift to our members, we’ll be releasing an exclusive Best Of XLR8R+ compilation featuring over 20 tracks from the archive, some of which were only available to subscribers for one month and have since been taken offline. All gift recipients will receive the compilation on release.

You can now gift a one-year, non-recurring XLR8R+ subscription for the producers, DJs, and music lovers in your life. One year of XLR8R+ is $50, and once the year is up, we will contact the gift recipient and provide them with options to continue their membership, should they wish.

All you need to do is HEAD HERE to input your name and email, plus the name and email of the recipient. We’ve also included a check box to add a gifting message and an option for the gift to be emailed on a specific day.

Once the process is complete, you and the recipient will receive details and a code to redeem the subscription. The purchaser will receive the email straight away and the recipient on the specified day, if a date is added.

XLR8R+ is a valuable resource for any producer, DJ, or music lover; a gift that will allow them to discover new artists and music and for their music to heard and discovered by an engaged and dedicated audience.