Yoyaku has launched a new label of the same name with a Cabanne EP, titled Stereophobique

The leading Paris-based booking agency and distributor already has over 70 releases to its name, all coming through a slew of sub-labels, among them Hostom, Aku, YoY, Joule Imprint, and YYY series. 

Up first on Yoyaku, the “mother label” to the aforementioned, is Cabanne, the Perlon-affiliated French DJ-producer we profiled some time ago

All Yoyaku releases will be vinyl-only and will come accompanied by a piece of wood on which the release details will be engraved. “Wood is a really important material for us, since the shop is made out of it, so we wanted to have this material on the vinyl, too,” the label explains. 


01. Erobique 

02. Terepho 

Stereophobique EP is out now, with a full stream available below.