On their third album, Liars combines an eerie, otherworldly aura with a scathingly visceral attack as they simultaneously craft haunting, caressing melodies and calming, diaphanous atmospheres. Sure, Liars can Sturm und Drang with the best klangmeisters around, but they also realize the importance of beauty (albeit one embossed with bruises of myriad psychedelic hues). Drum‘s Not Dead unsurprisingly stresses robust tom-tom thumps, which emphatically punctuate the trio‘s bizarrely distorted guitar (or is it a flanged didgeridoo?) and singer Angus Andrew‘s falsettos and My Bloody Valentine-like coos (a few tracks recall MBV‘s Isn‘t Anything). Overall, this is Liars‘ most emotionally captivating and menacingly tuneful work. They‘re improving with (r)age.