If you‘re a fan of tightly orchestrated, synth-stylized staccato instrumentation that broods rather than blurts, Nine Inch Nails‘ With Teeth may well be your album of 2005. But if you miss the days where pretty hate machines were sleazy and buffeting rather than melodramatically swelling and sulking, then dig your nails into the Blitzkrieg Pop of Berlin‘s T. Raumschmiere. The serrated opening track, “Sick Like Me” (featuring Raumschmiere‘s own vocals), could be an alternate take of NIN‘s caustic “Wish” (off 1992‘s Broken). Throbbing “Diving in Whiskey” (featuring Ellen Allien on vocals) and “A Very Loud Lullaby” are kin to Metropolis Records-style EBM. Tracks such as “All Systems Go!” and “Der Grottenholm” still co-opt Kompakt Records‘ schaffle beat, but for the most part Blitzkrieg Pop celebrates the corroded trills of vaguely Gothic retro even over Raumschmiere‘s own gnarled glam stomp. Writhe, you skinny puppies, writhe.