With French filter-house just past its tipping point, it seems appropriate to release producer Para One’s 2006 album Epiphanie Stateside. But the Gallic beat-maker, known for making hip-hop tracks for TTC and his synth-driven monster single “Dudun-Dun,” sadly doesn’t live up to the hype on this disc. The intensity of many tracks–twitchy electro-funk or sliced-up synth bangers pulsating in numerous neon hues–is indisputable. But the execution and soul are missing. And songs like “F.U.D.G.E.”–which just make me crave “D.A.N.C.E.”–mar the whole album. The vocal samples are cut up in an atrocious manner, like someone who can’t get enough of the vocal setting on an old Casio. Forget Para–it’s more like parity this time out.