Fresh off the back of Varhat’s fantastic VRHT777 EP, French label Aku’s latest release is just as good, if not better. Parisian producer Janeret is up next, with JNRT444 providing two of the freshest deep house cuts you’ll hear this year. Having played slots at prestigious French clubs Rex and Concrete, the Parisian is being hailed as one of the brightest young lights in the country’s underground scene.

JNRT444 differs slightly from Janeret’s other records, but sustains his desire to produce “deep and dubby” tracks. On the A-side, a rhythmic yet forceful kick underpins “Ether,” layered with warm synths and sharp hi-hats. Barely breaking stride, the track grooves with a cool that will keep the even the heaviest of feet moving. Flipping to the B-side, Janeret does a great job of using the tools at his disposal to create something different without sacrificing quality. The swirling opening on “Rown” sets a deeper tone, gradually building into a crescendo of synths and hi-hats which provide the track’s defining moment. Not quite as euphoria-inducing as “Ether,” “Rown” will nevertheless give selectors a headache when deciding which side to play.

With other releases such as Hostom 001 and the aforementioned VRHT777 already commanding big fees on Discogs, French agency (and now record store) Yoyaku are definitely on to something of late. Janeret’s EP is a particularly fine addition to a blossoming discography, and it is worth moving quickly if you want to snap up this special vinyl-only release.