As owner of Bristol’s Rooted Records shop and founder of the Punch Drunk label, Tom Ford (a.k.a. Peverelist) doesn’t have trouble staying current. But the dubstep producer’s full-length debut, named after the inventor of the artificial heart valve, incorporates futurist techno vibes into his dub vibrations and low-end rhythms. Boasting seven new tracks, along with previous singles “Infinity Is Now” and “Clunk Click Every Trip,” Jarvik Mindstate showcases his tight style, crisp rhythms, and junglist roots. “Yesterday I Saw the Future” rolls a bit on gentle synth currents, pitched forward by staccato beats and satisfying bass thumps, while “Valves” runs slight but solid, with swatches of sound bouncing on shifting beats. These are tracks that move forward but keep the past firmly in focus.