It’s been nearly 30 years since Throbbing Gristle released an album of new material-and, damn, has it been worth the wait. Genesis, Sleazy, Chris, and Cosey reignite the post-industrial flame with Part Two: The Endless Not. While Part Two relies far less on the harsh analog clipping of TG’s The Third and Final Report or the synth-driven, dark new age of 20 Jazz Funk Greats, it’s no less disturbing. They whip up annihilating noise, melodic piano scores, and provocative lyrics. Tracks like “Almost a Kiss” play like an over-produced Coil ballad (complete with gentle xylophone melodies, a dissonant, subsonic bassline, and Sleazy’s desperate howling, screeching, and whimpering), while “The Worm Waits Its Turn” transforms IDM textures and percussion into a fucked up nu-jazz cacophony. Evidently Part Two is the final incarnation of TG-so pray that the Jay-Zs of experimental music make a quick return.