Originally forming when Louisville, Kentucky-based performer Shawn James Seymour met vocalist Yoshimi Tomida in college, this Japan-based lap-pop team now has six albums full of miniature melodies and wide-eyed wonder. The Bedtime Beat, the duo’s sixth proper full-length, is a mini-concept album about sleep and dreams. If it sounds a little precious, that’s because it is: throughout the record, beats are crafted from snoring (“Your Snore”) and splashing bath water (“The Bathtime Beat”), while Yoshimi dreams about Biz Markie (“The Bedtime Beatbox”). At 20 minutes long, however, the quirkiness doesn’t annoy, instead emphasizing the kindness in lullabies like “Oyasumi.” Brief, comforting, and consistent, The Bedtime Beat will find an easy place in your heart.