Though known for keyboard-filtered, foot-pedal-clipped, hypnotically dense hymnals, M83’s Anthony Gonzalez could well start a side industry as a chocolatier. Because with this, M83’s fifth full-length of synth chorales, Gonzalez has concocted an album that’s 60 percent cocoa; it’s not exactly sweet, but it’s satisfying (a Milky Way Dark, if you will), textured without being grainy, and not as sinister as Before the Dawn Heals Us. M83 albums are more commonly spoken of in filmic metaphor, however, so it’s apt to say that M83 is eschewing Jerry Bruckheimer crescendos for the more diffused contrasts of Michael Mann, tinged with John Hughes’ wistful flush. Recalling Kate Bush, Boards of Canada, and the Cocteau Twins, Gonzalez progresses as he looks back.