NYC-based producer Past Palms will release a new EP titled Portraits late next month.

The Past Palms project is natured-inspired, presenting dreamy, introspective soundtracks best described as “ambient music for watering plants.” XLR8R has featured the Past Palms project since its inception, which started out as a more beat-driven undertaking before evolving into the mostly beatless territory of the current output.

The new EP will be preceded by its first single, “Looking for a Home,” which is being released today as an exclusive download for XLR8R Subscribers. “Looking for a Home” opens the EP with delicate soundscapes and textural field recordings, unfolding across its seven-and-a-half minute runtime with buried windswept melodies that bounce around the sonic spectrum, ebbing and flowing in and out of ear shot like a walk through a botanical garden.

The rest of the EP, which will drop in connection with the autumnal equinox, plays out in a similar fashion, soundtracking portraits of everyday life, such as “looking at sunlight through stained glass, running your hands under a warm faucet, or searching for a new home,” Past Palms explains.

Portraits will be released on Friday, September 22. XLR8R Subscribers can download “Looking for a Home” below.

Photo by Nuria Rius.

XLR8R Subscribers can download the track below. If you’re not an XLR8R subscriber, you can read more about it and subscribe here.