Editor Note: All passes have now gone. Those who have been successful have already been notified.

XLR8R is offering XLR8R+ subscribers free passes to the upcoming Get Perlonized party, taking place in Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) on Sunday, October 20 at Shelter.

Perlon is one of electronic music’s most respected musical institutions, and its regular Get Perlonized parties are held at Panorama Bar in Berlin. This particular lineup features founders Zip and Markus Nikolai alongside some of the label’s core artists in Margaret Dygas, Thomas Melchior (live), and Sammy Dee.

For those who haven’t yet, just SUBSCRIBE HERE and email your full name with “Get Perlonized ADE” as the subject to [email protected] to claim your free event pass. For those current subscribers, simply email your full name and “Get Perlonized ADE” as the email subject. 

The 15th edition of XLR8R+ is here. Curated by Circle of Live, it features tracks by Sebastian Mullaert,  Mathew Jonson, Amp Fiddler, and Vril. You can subscribe here and hear snippets of the tracks below.

Full Lineup, Get Perlonized at ADE.

Margaret Dygas
Melchior Productions Ltd (live)
Sammy Dee
Markus Nikolai (live)
Jörg Franzmann (video)