Photo: Dan Medhurst

London-based multi-instrumentalist Ash Walker’s third album, Aquamarine, is set for release on July 19 via Night Time Stories

Aquamarine follows Walkers 2016 album, Echo Chamber, and 2015’s Augmented 7th. A cosmic explosion of sound and color, rhythm, shape, and patterns, the album is described as “the take-off of an audial spaceship, a sound discovered in the grooves of thousands of records, united in one.” It’s designed to inspire good energy, and to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the listener amongst the chaos of life.

It was recorded at home with the freedom of time and space, and combines analogue with digital, and a fondness for normally unwanted shapes and textures such as fuzz, hiss, and crackle. 

Featured across the album are trumpet and flugelhorn auteur Yazz Ahmed, bassist Marc Cyril, and renowned producer Jonathan Shorten. 

“My previous albums have felt to me more like ventures on land. This one feels more like a deep sea voyage into the subconscious,” Walker explains. “Living to dream with visions of grandeur. Manifesting a beautiful path to walk on. It was inspired by everything around me, from friends and family to art and design, engineering and architecture, movement and how we use our five senses. I love to try and push my own boundaries of what I perceive to be right and wrong, seeing mistakes as innovations, and obstacles as inspiration.”   


01. Under The Sun (Feat. Laville)

02. Time (Feat. Laville)

03. Come With Us

04. Brave New World

05. Finishing Touch (Feat. Laville)

06. Aquamarine

07. Sanity (Feat. Laville)

08. I Need Money

09. Fat King Smoke

10. Ain’t Got You (Feat. Laville)

11. The Dagon’s Cashmere Jumper

Aquamarine LP lands July 19, with lead single “Under The Sun” (Feat. Laville) streaming below.