Livity Sound will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a various artist compilation featuring original works from Forest Drive West, Batu, Bruce, and many more.

Livity Sound was born in 2011 as a vessel for new tracks from Peverelist, Kowton, and, Asusu, three Bristol artists who someone found common ground in there pursuit of a heavyweight strain of soundsystem techno. A run of hand-stamped 12”s and a three-way live show followed, while a Reverse sister-label provided a platform for emerging artists to enter the fray. Early breakthroughs from Hodge, Batu, Bruce, and Simo Cell pointed to what Livity has since become: community of like-minded artists creating dancefloor misfits that somehow fit together.

We’re told that Molten Mirrors “captures the dynamic energy” of Livity Sound, with 18 artists from the label’s roster coming together to present “an honest document of where the label is at in the present moment.” No over-arching concepts, it simply “reflects the multifaceted, technicolour energy of the here and now while celebrating the possibilities of an open, unpredictable future.” There’s exclusive material from Two Shell, Bakongo, Facta, Al Wootton, among others.


01. Azu Tiwaline “Nissa”
02. Forest Drive West “Lost Signal”
03. Batu “Melts Into Air”
04. Two Shell “Big Style”
05. Al Wootton “Sancode”
06. DJ Plead “Glebe!”
07. Bakongo “Ashy”
08. Cando “It’s All Relative”
09. Facta “FM Gamma”
10. Pev & Kowton “Exhale”
11. Simo Cell “El Gato Loco”
12. Hodge “Do What You Need To Do”
13. Bruce “Just Getting On With It”
14. Kouslin “Racket”
15. Jurango “Drolle Prosse”
16. Toma Kami “Sixty Frames”
17. Ido Plumes “Albeit”
18. Surgeons Girl “Grass Labyrinth”

Molten Mirrors—A Decade Of Livity Sound LP is scheduled for September 24 release. Meanwhile, you can stream Pev & Kowton’s “Exhale” in full below and pre-order here.