Photo: Sophie Luntz

Joe Power (a.k.a Proc Fiskal) will release Siren Spine Sysex, his second album on Hyperdub.

Power, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, has a rich family history in folk music. His paternal grandfather Archie Fisher was active in the Scottish folk revival of the ’60s, his grandfather Al Fraser was a bagpipe player, and his great aunt the singer in The Singing Kettle. On Siren Spine Sysex, he digs deep into this legacy and “examines dance music as folk music, rerouting them comparatively.” He’s taken inspiration from The Cocteau Twins, The Roches, and Kate Bush, and you can hear this in “joyous pop songs” like “8 Mgapixel See Thru Phone” and “Leith Tornn Canal,” which you can stream below.

Of course, the grime of Power’s debut album, Insula, is never too far away, but it’s always presented alongside folk elements. And where Insula hung around samples of the ramblings of Power’s friends and sounds of his hometown, Siren Spine Sysex is laden with sampled Gaelic, Irish, and English folk music. We’re told that “the edits and drums are more sensual, swelling, and reactive to the music.”

Even though it’s fast and detailed, Siren Spine Sysex feels “relaxed and pastoral at times.”

Earlier this month, Hyperdub announced a new album Lee Gamble.


01. Convaerge Iana
02. Humancargoe Estt
03. Recall [Throate Achres]
04. Met Path Thoth
05. 8 Mgapixel See Thru Phone
06. Thurs Jung Youtz
07. Her In
08. The Most Beautiful Irish Song
10. Leith Tornn Carnal
11. Auld Peop
12. Iaosiphsean Powers
13. God Aed
14. Roman Fatigue

Siren Spine Sysex LP is scheduled for September 24 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Leith Tornn Carnal” in full via the player below and pre-order here.