Photo: Theo Jemison

Los Angeles composer Matthew David McQueen (a.k.a Matthewdavid) has recently served a new, blissed-out, and tender album under his Matthewdavid’s Mindflight project, which was initiated last year by the artist as a platform to release more new age compositions. Titled Trust The Guide and Glide, the latest LP has been released via his own imprint LEAVING Records. As stated in a press release, the full-length is described as “a powerful statement of identity and a new door into cosmic consciousness.”

Following the release of this heartfelt and meditative album, Matthewdavid has put together an exclusive mix for The Wire that borrows from a “decade-spanning selection of soothing new age sounds.”

You can stream the mix in full by heading over to the wire here.

Purchase Trust The Guide and Glide by going here.


01. One Hand Clapping Tibetan Bells With Environmental Sounds“Untitled” (N.O.W. Records)
02. Mystic Dreams “A New Age Mystical Music Experience” (Madacy)
03. Constance Demby “Ambrosial Waves” (Sound Currents)
04. Inner World 3 (Relaxation Products)
05. Sailboat Voyage/Moods “Backyard Stream” (Gateway)
06. Randall McClellan “Healing Music Of Rana (Mindflight Edit)” (Rana Press/Sun Ark)
07. Petr Michael Hamel “Nada” (Celestial Harmonies)
08. Dr Jay Freed “Sounds Of The Womb” (self-released)
09. Daniel Kobialka “Sun Space” (LiSem Enterprises)
10. Upper Astral Inner-Harmony Music “Entrance To The Secret Lagoon” (Valley Of The Sun Publishing)
11. Matthewdavid Mindflight “Orchestrator & Rhodes Improvisation” (Leaving)
12. Laraaji “Deep Chimes Meditation 1” (unreleased)
13. SunPath “Stream And Crystal” (Jeff Berry/Leaving)