TSHA will release her debut album on Ninja Tune.

Recorded over the past two years, the record delivers on the promise of her previous EPs and singles with 12 tracks of emotive electronic music with “hook-laden pop sensibilities.” It’s a statement of where she is right now as an artist and producer, but also a reflection of time she spent writing and recording the album, and the impact of global events, familial upheaval, and personal struggles during that period.

Lead single “Giving Up,” the most “peak-time” moment on the record, features TSHA’s partner Mafro, and was written during a period of strain between the couple.

Other tracks hold significance for particular points in TSHA’s life, such as “Sister,” written during lockdown after finding out she had an older half-sister via her estranged father, and “Water,” which picks up on TSHA’s love of the Malian Griot singing traditions and features Grammy-winning vocalist Oumou Sangaré. 

The album follows her recent compilation for the revered fabric presents series.


01. Galdem (Intro)
02. The Light
03. OnlyL feat. NIMMO
04. Water feat. Oumou Sangaré
05. Dancing In The Shadows feat. Clementine Douglas
06. Giving Up feat. Mafro
07. Anxious Mind feat. Clementine Douglas
08. Time
09. Power
10. Running
11. Sister
12. Nala (Outro)

Capricorn Sun LP is out on October 7. Meanwhile, you can stream cuts below and pre-order here.