Alessandro Stefanio (a.k.a. Buck) has announced his new EP, Nuove Sessioni, which will be released on Out-er, featuring a remix by Ed Davenport under his Inland alias.

Out Electronic Recordings (Out-er) was established in 2011 by Italian Simone Gatto, and has released records by the likes of Orlando Voorn, The Analogue Cops, Christopher Rau and Santorini. The latest offering, Nuove Sessioni, is a selection of ambient techno tracks by Buck, who has released once before on the imprint in 2012. The EP also contains a remix of the title track by Berlin based Brit Ed Davenport (under his Inland alias), who runs his own label Counterchange Recordings, and co-runs Infrastructure New York with Function.

To celebrate the release of their latest EP, on November 26 there is going to be a release presentation and party at OHM in Berlin (for which more details can be found here). The event will begin with a talk by label boss Simone Gatto, followed by an exclusive live jam by Buck and fellow Italian Limo (a partnership that are set to release the first EP on Buck’s new label, Substrato, early next year). The party itself will then roll from midnight onwards, with Gatto being joined on the decks by Aubrey and Marieu (of The Analogue Cops).

1. Nuove Sessioni
2. Nuove Sessioni (Inland Remix)
3. Alba
4. Sunday Off

We spoke to several of the artists involved ahead of the release: Buck, Simone Gatto and Inland (Ed Davenport). First up is our chat with Buck:

Since your first EP on Out-er, under your full name Alessandro Stefanio, you have added more elements to your studio, which you used to produce Nuove Sessioni. What other factors influenced your latest EP?
Since my last EP on Out-er, I’ve changed a lot of things in my studio—I’ve added many analog machines, and it has changed a lot the approach that I have to the machines. All tracks are characterized in the use of analog machines, accompanied by many effects such as delay, reverb and filters. I think that you can feel the difference in the final sound. At the beginning I tried to transform the sounds that I had sampled, now I want to create them directly, following my imagination.

What kind of atmospheres are you trying to replicate with your music? What do you envision whilst producing?
As I mentioned already, I try to follow my imagination, trying to always follow my instincts and my personal taste. I was always fascinated by deep sounds, ambient sounds, and dark atmospheres. I like the sound introspective that can be the result of my real thoughts. This feeling gave me the desire to create a new label, fully oriented to these sounds.

Next up, we spoke with label boss Simone Gatto:

You have spoken about your presence in Europe as the artists that release on Out-er are from various corners of the continent. How do you go about choosing the artists and cities to represent your label?
From the beginning, since I launched Out Electronic Recordings, I’ve always chosen artists based only on the emotions that their music and their performances gave me, establishing a personal relationship with each of them, and paying no attention to where in the world they came from. Gloomy, acid, dub and smooth sounds unite into one record label created to let each artist express their inspirations. I want to ensure that every event in which the label is involved is not confined to a party, but is enriched with cultural insights addressed by artists and experts (such as workshops, seminars or panel). They are designed to provide a better understanding of music nowadays. Recently we decided to do our events in Cities like Amsterdam, Berlin or New York, just because we think that these are cities in which the receptivity to such events is higher than elsewhere.

Finally, we had some questions for Ed Davenport:

Which elements in Buck’s track “Nuove Sessioni” did you find appealing to remix?
All Buck’s tracks on this EP are quite heady and percussive, and his trippy synth lines stood out as rather original and characteristic of him and the label. They are somewhere in between techno and house, which is the zone I really enjoy. The moving string line in “Nuove Sessioni” sounded very workable to me, with room to explore putting it a different context alongside some new elements.

Why have you chosen for your only remix as Inland this year to be on OUT-ER?
I admire what Simone and his crew are doing with the label—releasing music from the heart, and organising events that are not only about partying, but also about exploring the complex behaviours and sciences at play within electronic music culture. I had the time to do the mix, and I felt like it was a label and an EP that fit with my philosophy.

More information on the event can be found here.

You can pre-order the EP at Juno. We have one of the tracks, “Sunday Off,” available to stream exclusively below: