XLR8R is offering XLR8R+ subscribers free passes to the upcoming Comunité Festival taking place on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Escondido, Tulum, in Oaxaca, Mexico on Saturday, January 11.

Hailed as one of the best surf beaches in the world, Puerto Escondido is a paradise that’s managed to remain mostly under the mainstream tourist radar with plenty of amazing spots to stay and delicious food.

This year’s edition sees Comunité focus heavily on the bass-heavy sides of cutting-edge club music. With Yu Yu club as a collaborative partner, Mexico’s vital underground club scene is well represented. The NAAFI label will be there in full force, with Mexican Jihad and Fausto Bahia both on hand. After a performance an Mutek Mexico, ​Tomás Urquieta is a highlight to watch, while DJ Hotmale brings rowdy acid flair. Nico (f.k.a White Visitation) will also bring his uniquely gritty techno sound, joined by rising names MNTY and Phaedra.

Heading up the rest of the lineup are dubstep legend Mala and Hyperdub boss Kode 9. Madam X is on hand to represent younger strains of bass music, as well as Berlin’s Darwin. Miami’s Nick León brings his experimental flair to the beach, and Kiev’s Raw Unkut will provide a unique ravey, breaks-driven energy. The latest lineup can be found here.

Please note that tickets are limited so claim yours now.

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The 17th edition of XLR8R+ is here, featuring tracks by DeWalta, Öona Dahl, and Alci. You can hear snippets of the tracks below.